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Whether you would like someone to take care of your dog while you are away, or you would like to professionally train your dog, or you would like to buy nutritional dry and fresh food for your furry friend, we have got you covered.

Dog Boarding

We are offering you a total peace of mind for you and your dog whilst you are on holiday or any short trip. Each one of our boarded dogs are well cared for, going out in a large grass field twice a day and is fed high-quality dry food mixed with home cooked fresh food (or any particular food upon your request).We will send you pictures and videos of your dog to make sure that you don’t miss on any of your dog’s fun. Viento & Diva is staffed 24 hours a day, which ensures our staff of experienced and trusted professionals can give your dog a safe and enjoyable stay.


Dog Training

Whether you have a new puppy, older dog, or a rescue, we offer training classes that can help your dog learn how to behave appropriately both inside and outside your home. Our professional dog trainers teach fun and effective group as well as private classes. We use positive, rewards-based training to redirect inappropriate actions and encourage good behaviour. Not only will our training help solve unwanted behaviours (i.e. nipping, potty issues, excessive jumping), but also it will increase your dog’s confidence and stimulate them both physically and mentally. Dog training can take place at the comfort of your home, or at the convenience of our facility. Also, we have a range of training programs, book now or contact us to learn more.


Dog Food Delivery

Through our online shop, you can now order dry food, treats and fresh food for your furry friend delivered directly to your door. We have a wide selection of products on our online shop to choose from which ensures that you never run out of food. We are aiming to work on a city-wide partnership with pet shops around Cairo to always have available any pet product you may need. Also, on our website we have available fresh dog food, prepared with high quality ingredients upon order, at home. Through our freshly cooked foods, we will meet your dog’s nutritional needs and ensure that they are not exposed to any by-products, artificial flavours or preservatives. Please visit our online store for more information on our wide ranging dog food products and to place an order.

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Open Hours

Sunday–Thursday: 9am - 6pm

Weekend: 10:30am - 6pm

Pet Requirements For Boarding

Must Be Vaccinated & All Shots Recorded

Your dog must be up to date on his/her annual vaccines and deworming pills prior to being admitted to our facility. This is to ensure the health and safety of your dog as well as the other dogs in our facility. You will be asked to show and send proof of your dog’s annual vaccination and deworming to verify/confirm that they meet our boarding requirements.

Must Be At Least 1 Year Old

Your dog should be at least one year old before being admitted in our facility. This is to ensure that your dog has developed physically and has the necessary immunity to be around other dogs for long period of time. Also, this will allow our staff to allow your dog to play with other dogs of similar age and size.

Flea & Tick Free

Your dog should be free from ticks and fleas and on a regular anti-tick preventive care especially during summer and spring. This allows us to keep our facility flea & tick free, keeping your dog and other dogs in our facility in a safe and clean environment.

No Pre-existing Medical Conditions

To maintain the health and safety of your dog as well as other dogs in the facility, we do not board dogs with pre-existing medical conditions or a recurring health problem. This allows us to ensure that all dogs boarded in our facility are healthy and are able to socialise with other dogs. Given that a big part of our dog boarding experience is the socialisation with other dogs, we have to ensure that all dogs are fit and healthy.

Must Not Be Pregnant or During Heat

Female dogs should not be in heat or pregnant during their boarding with us. This allows us to ensure the health and safety of your dog as well as the general wellbeing of all the dogs in our facility.

Looking For A Professional Dog Trainer?

Obedience training is essential for both puppies and older dogs. So we are aiming to form a partnership with the best professional dog trainers in Egypt to bring to you a customized training program, that is specifically tailored for your dog and your needs. We can train your dog anywhere you would like, whether that is at the comfort of your home or in the convenience of our facility.

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